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That brings you the best science and evidence-based approaches in a way that is accessible, effective and fun.

What we do

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We facilitate individual and team development, using the exciting new science of positive psychology, Olympic athletic research and the physiology of resilience: at last there is a science and evidence-based approach that improves performance, resilience and your enjoyment at work.  It is effective and fun.


About Us

We are a team of seasoned senior business people who understand the challenges of the corporate world and know how to create interventions that work.


We equip you to thrive resiliently.

It is possible to turn up the volume on your productivity, resilience and your enjoyment at work in a balanced and sustainable way and what’s more, our methods are underpinned by scientific research, so if simply feeling the difference is not enough, we will be able to demonstrate why it is making a difference.

We have woven some of the most exciting findings from positive psychology, Olympic athletic research and the science of resilience to deliver a powerful experiential interactive program Thriving Resiliently ™ which will increase performance, wellbeing and revenue. It has been tried and tested at board and senior management levels in blue chip companies and universities.

It will help you:

  • Increase your energy and resilience
  • Use your brain to its best potential, even under pressure
  • Understand your current sleep quality and improve it dramatically
  • Understand your body under stress and how to optimise it
  • Identity your strengths and learn to use them to turbo charge your productivity
  • Understand how to create states of “flow” – a powerful state of creativity and engagement
  • Learn to harness your most powerful motivation using the latest science
  • Learn to job craft your role to bring out the best in you
  • Find meaning in your work, to fuel productivity and enjoyment
Our Approach

Includes wearing a professional level wearable used by elite athletes for 5 days to give you unique insights into your lifestyle and enable you to set very precise and personal goals. Then seeing biofeedback from your heart on your phone, you will learn to achieve and sustain optimum performance.

We work with teams, using workshops and individual follow up coaching sessions. We also implement this program with individuals in a coaching framework.

Hilda Barrett and Jackie Richmond are experienced senior business people and pioneers in applying the exciting new science of positive psychology in the corporate world.

Interested in finding out more?

Contact us on or call 07950 708841.

How do I start?

We have a comprehensive program Thriving Resiliently ™. You can start with introductory elements or take the whole journey. We work closely with clients to bespoke the interventions that best fit their needs.


As the International Coach Federation specifies, “Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” Our specific approach to this coaching principle is rooted in important foundations of our own.

Resilience: We use the most innovative and effective high-tech tools to power our coaching. The FirstBeat ™ report will bring unique insights, the basis of the most pertinent goals for our clients. Using biofeedback techniques, we help our clients learn to transform their stress reaction into optimum performance and evidence it in real time with a signal from their heart rate variability on their phones.

Science and Evidence Based: While psychology traditionally focused on what is wrong with us, there is a new and exciting science of Positive Psychology which studies how we can flourish and thrive. We are pioneers in bringing that science to our clients. It brings real rigour to our work.

Strengths: We look at what is right with you and help you be clear about your strengths. We build on those strengths to enable you to be the best version of yourself.


We will work with you to understand your current situation and desired outcomes. So that we can tailor interventions that are appropriate for you.

We have extensive experience in different businesses and sectors and appreciate the uniqueness of each situation.

For example:

  • We work with senior leadership teams in business: the fusion of the best science and evidence-based ways to thrive with their current challenges creates a unique and compelling formula for change. We then cascade this work to their extended leadership team and speak at their all-hands meetings so that there is true systemic change
  • Doctors are experiencing an alarming rate of burnout. We have designed and delivered a program for medical doctors, which we delivered in partnership with a surgeon
  • We have developed and delivered a leadership development program for an Agile environment, based on Agile principles
  • Doing a PhD is classically a very challenging experience. We have developed a program for a university client to help PhD students thrive
  • We have developed and delivered a retirement program for a client

We can join your leadership team on a part time basis for a period of time, to be alongside you as you approach business as usual in a new way that can truly transform the levels of engagement and success in your business.


We are experienced key note speakers.

We can offer a range of topics and bespoke to your audience’s needs and size.

We present to groups ranging from leadership teams to large departments at their annual all hands meetings.  Here is a sample of the topics we present on:

  • Strengths – How looking at what is right with you can turbo charge your performance and build effective teams
  • Growth mindset – unlocking your ability to accelerate your development and the appetite to learn in your company culture
  • Reslience –  The exciting new science of Resilience
  • Retirement – how to flourish and thrive in this chapter of your life

We work to enable you to be the best version of yourself, at an individual, team, department and company level.

Hilda Barrett

With a stellar background in global HR, Hilda specializes in Positive Psychology Consulting and coaching to high-performing technology industry teams. She has worked extensively with global leaders including Apple, Microsoft and Electronic Arts. Her current interest is resilience and flourishing.


Jackie Richmond

Jackie began her working career as a solicitor having studied law at Oxford.  An interest in practically applying case law led to a move into tax consultancy and becoming a Chartered Tax Adviser.  She spent 17 years working in the field of indirect tax as a Director in Deloitte advising FTSE 100 companies, working in multi-disciplinary teams implementing global projects and managing her own team. 


Claire Brunt

Claire did a degree in Politics and initially worked in marketing and promotions for a newspaper group.  Then she brought her immense powers of creating systems and efficiency to the world of IT security systems.   For the last 16 years Claire has worked with various industries as the lynch pin that brings operational excellence to how they work. 


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