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We facilitate leadership and team development, using the exciting new science of positive psychology; at last there is a science and evidence based approach that improves performance, resilience and your enjoyment at work. It is effective and fun.

Hilda Barrett

With a stellar background in global HR, Hilda specializes in Positive Psychology Consulting and coaching to high-performing technology industry teams. She has worked extensively with global leaders including Apple, Microsoft and Electronic Arts. Her current interest is resilience and flourishing.

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Jackie Richmond

Jackie Richmond specializes in Positive Psychology Consulting to the legal and accountancy professions. With an Oxford MA in Jurisprudence, her broad professional experience includes working as a solicitor and 6 years as a Tax Director at Deloitte.

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Daniela Blickhan

Daniela has run one of the Germany’s leading training institutes since she co-founded it in 1991. Pioneering practical applications of NLP and Positive Psychology, she regularly delivers innovative training to world-class companies. Her current focus of interest is burnout prevention.

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Introduction to positive emotions

Positive emotions do so much more than just make us feel good. In the moment they have a broaden impact which literally expands our normal perspectives, and eye tracking research shows that they actually increase our peripheral vision. By seeing more, we have more ideas, more thoughts on what we might do next and we become more creative.

Insights from

Positive Psychology

will enable you to thrive.


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