Certified Professional Training

Insight To Thrive is delighted to announce that the Inntal Institute in Germany will run their certified professional training in Positive Psychology in the English language for the first time. This program is designed and run by Daniela Blickhan who is one of the leading lights in Positive Psychology in Europe. Daniela has a wonderful ability to take the depth of science and research and make it easy to understand and apply. Her MSc dissertation in Positive Psychology was on the efficacy of her positive psychology training to increase well-being and reduce burnout. The largest insurance company in Germany where Daniela lives, now pays people to attend. She has recently received her PhD which was on the efficacy of her certified professional training. Very few gifted trainers have such rigour behind their work.


Daniela has run this course in the German language more than 10 times and it continues to have a wait list as demand is high. To find out more about the English-speaking program that will be run in Munich and dates, please click here and you will be forwarded to Daniela’s website at the Inntal Institut.



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