Daniela Blickhan

Daniela BlickhanDaniela is an outstanding innovator and trainer whose pioneering courses in Positive Psychology and NLP are regularly attended by leading German and international companies. Among her many skills is an unparalleled ability to turn complex scientific research into practical and inspiring training. Her current focus of interest is burn-out prevention, an increasingly hot topic in business.


Together with her husband in the early 1990s Daniela set up the Inntal Institute, a training organization that has grown to become of the most respected in Germany with branches in 15 locations across the country. With more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business trainer and coach, Daniela is uniquely positioned to understand exactly what business people need to flourish.


In addition to her corporate work in Germany, Daniela is often invited by the media to talk about well-being and related subjects.


Outside factors such as more money and more status can certainly have an impact on productivity and well-being, but the most important factor is not external. It’s about feeling personally in charge of the choices we make and personally motivated to do the things we do.”


Despite a busy work schedule she nevertheless makes time to organize conferences and seminars that bring leading figures in her field to Germany and Austria. She also enjoys travelling to Japan to deliver Positive Psychology trainings there and indulge her passion for Japanese food and culture.