Jackie Richmond

Jackie Richmond

As a lawyer with 17 years in business, Jackie’s experience of major corporations and multi-million tax projects has driven her interest in helping business people to apply greater all-round intelligence. Her particular focus of interest now is on building teams that can perform at the highest level while maintaining their health and humanity.


As a Chartered Tax Advisor, Jackie worked as an Indirect Tax Director at Deloitte advising in-house teams at FTSE 100 companies and assisting in the implementation of global multi-million tax projects. Her clients have included BP, Rio Tinto and Vodafone.


Jackie is deeply familiar with the complex environments and constraints of high-level business life. Through her training and experience she has developed a keen mistrust of quick-fix thinking and a deep respect for pragmatic approaches that are proven in practice.


She has studied with many of the world experts in Positive Psychology, for example, Barbara Fredrickson on Positive Emotions, Ryan Niemiec on Strengths and Tal Ben Shahar, the top positive psychology lecturer at Harvard. She is a certified HeartMath group trainer and is currently completing the first ICF recognised Positive Psychology Coaching program in the world.


Outside the corporate sphere Jackie has been instrumental in creating the Lighthouse. This project has renovated a derelict building in Woking to serve poor and marginalised people, drawing on teams made up of local business people, the homeless and individuals in recovery.